The City of Charlottetown’s Fire Department is launching its 2017 volunteer firefighter recruitment campaign on Thursday, September 21. This year’s campaign closes on October 20th. Please visit Charlottetown Fire Department’s Station No. 1 at 89 Kent Street for an application package or call 902-629-4083 for more information.



Physically Fit;


Highly Motivated;

A Team Player;

Committed To Continuous Learning;

Mechanically Inclined.


Do I qualify?

Candidates must:

Live in the City of Charlottetown;

Have achieved Grade 12 or equivalent;

Hold a valid Driver’s License with an excellent driving record;

Have the ability to successfully complete comprehensive written, medical, physical tests;

Have a Criminal Records Search;


Is there a written test?

Yes, the written test involves a combination of the following areas:

Reading and understanding written information;

Understanding written instructions;

Knowledge of Department and City history;

Fire Extinguisher and Fire Prevention topics;


Is there an Interview?

Yes, if you are selected with a specific level of test score and skills assessment, you will participate in an interview conducted by a three-person panel consisting of member of the Fire Department management team.


Is there a Medical Test?

Yes, there is a medical evaluation required.

The following areas are assessed during the medical evaluation conducted by your family doctor:

Visual Acuity;

Color Vision;

Depth Perception;


Lung Function;



Is there a Physical Fitness Test?                                                    

Yes, physical fitness testing consists of a series of firefighting related tasks while using personal protective equipment.

Candidates must successfully pass the physical fitness evaluation to continue in the recruitment process.


Is a criminal record search required?

A criminal record search is required and can be obtained from the Charlottetown Police Department.


Are work references required?

You must provide two work-related references from either supervisors or managers that you directly report to.


Is this a paid position?

Volunteer firefighting is not a paid occupation; however, an annual honorarium is paid twice yearly and is adjusted for years of experience and rank.


Is there compensation or insurance coverage?

There is comprehensive life, disability and liability insurance coverage policies for volunteers.


Is training provided?

All new firefighters participate in a 16-week training program at the PEI Firefighting Facility. The training program follows the competencies of NFPA 1001.


If you need further information or clarity, please contact us by email or phone: or 902-629-4080